Christopher Coker

cultural exchange

The cultural conversation of mankind

Isolationist thinking and exceptionalism is on the rise and our global culture is the poorer for it. Our civilisations thrive when in conversation with each other: ideas are exchanged and self-reflection is promoted.

A billboard with an image of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is surrounded by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) flags as supporters gather to celebrate election results outside the BJP headquarters in Mumbai in 2019.

The fake history of civilisational states

So-called civilisational states, including Russia, China and India, invoke fake histories to justify and buttress their contemporary political settlements. But those who cannot let go of the past are always at risk of finding themselves imprisoned by it.

On betrayal

Espionage feeds off betrayal. And yet we find it difficult to love those who betray their country even in a just cause.

The human need for war

Like literature, history, and religion, war is a ‘cultural enhancer’ – and its modern manifestation in video games continues to shape society.

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