Elisabet Yanagisawa Avén

Elisabet Yanagisawa Avén has a background as independent fashion artist. She has been lecturer in fashion/costume at Konstfack, Stockholm. Yanagisawa is doctoral student at Gothenburg university in Artistic Research. Her thesis “Proximus sensibilis – the Abyss of the Surface” is about non-representation and artistic processes, intuitive concepts in Japanese aesthetics and congruent aesthetic ontology and epistemology – Spinoza, Bergson and Deleuze. She is curator of historical and contemporary art: at Värmlands Museum she has curated the exhibition of the art collection “Insight & Outlook” (2019); “The Cloud of Unknowing – abstract contemporary art with Sophie Tottie, Madeleine Hatz, Sigrid Sandström, Nina Roos and Martin Erik Andersen (2017); “Japan and Racken” (2017). She is currently teaching at Beckman’s School and works as an independent artist and writer.

Articles by Elisabet Yanagisawa Avén