Elisabeth Braw

Elisabeth Braw is a senior associate fellow at the European Leadership Network, focusing on defence and deterrence against greyzone and hybrid threats. She is also a columnist with Foreign Policy and Politico Europe, where she writes on national security and the globalised economy. Elisabeth was previously a senior fellow at AEI and a senior research fellow at RUSI, whose Modern Deterrence project she led. Prior to that, she worked at Control Risks, a global risk consultancy. Elisabeth is also a member of the steering committee of the Aurora Forum (the UK-Nordic-Baltic leader conference), a member of the UK National Preparedness Commission and a member of GALLOS Technologies’ advisory council. She is also the author of 'God’s Spies', about the Stasi (Eerdmans, 2019), 'The Defender’s Dilemma' (2021) and the forthcoming Goodbye, Globalization (Yale University Press, February 2024).

Articles by Elisabeth Braw