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worldview adam boulton

Worldview: Reflections on War — Conflict in space

In our latest episode of Worldview hosted by Adam Boulton we consider the role outer space will play in the future of conflict. How soon will conflicts on Earth spill out into space? What form might these conflicts take and how can we regulate them? Adam speaks to Jacob Geer, Dr Stuart Eves and Professor von der Dunk to find out.

babar and celeste

The lasting historical appeal of the elephant

Pachyderms have proved remarkably versatile to European history – used, among other things, as symbols of conquering and colonisation, the lives of these creatures, and the way they have been treated, can stand as metaphor for the Continent’s own relationship to the rest of the world.

l'assommoir translation

The things gained in translation

Untangling abstract words from one language to another is a subjective task – and translations often reveal as much about their translator as their original text

place du jeu du balle flea market brussels

At the Place du Jeu de Balle

The famous flea market inspired Tintin’s creator, Hergé, and remains a place of glorious disorderliness where economics are boiled down to their simplest form.

'A Maid Asleep' by Johannes Vermeer 1657. Domestic servants often tended to chores between sleeps.

Silent night: how we used to sleep

Lying awake in the dead of night is anathema to modern sensibilities – and an insomniac’s worst fear. But our pre-industrial ancestors understood (and experienced) night-time in richly complex ways.

Boys from the Yao people participating in circumcision and coming of age rites, 2005.

Kids these days

Teenagers first emerged as a distinct group seventy years ago, sparking outrage and moral panic – as well as a rush by corporations to cash in on a new demographic. But adolescents have caused chaos, concern and confusion throughout history and in a variety of cultures.

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