Gill Bennett

Soviet propaganda at the Cold War museum in Plokstine, Lithuania.

Disinformation in the information age

The line between disinformation, propaganda and fake news is often blurred. This is especially the case when it is unclear whether these untruths or half truths are being disseminated by the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ guys.

A member of staff removes a file from a depository at The National Archives, London.

The intelligent use of history — what is the past good for?

In times of global uncertainty and upheaval, many people look back to an imaginary golden age of simplicity and stability, or seek to blame a past individual or policy for current ills. Danger lies in both these coping strategies. We need to make intelligent use of history.

The Spy and the State

The technological sophistication of the modern state is no substitute for human intelligence gathering.

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