Harry Cluff

Remembering Wilhelm Furtwängler

The conductor was a radical whose approach to music was singular and unorthodox, bequeathing audiences with a scintillating treasure trove of unique concerts and recordings that do not entirely belong to the composer who conceived them.

Angels among us

Rainer Maria Rilke’s masterpiece extends the dimensions of poetic discourse and offers a fresh view of humanity.

Nijinsky’s last dance

The great dancer Vaslav Nijinsky’s astonishing revival after decades of madness ranks as one of the most mysterious events in art – he found it in himself to have one last dance.

Painting by numbers

The fortunes and friendships of Maurice Princet – mathematician and ‘godfather’ of Cubism – testify to the enduring link between art and abstraction.

When artists retrain

The fine hand of the artist and the musician has gone a long way for some of history’s great and terrible figures.

Alexander Mosaic (detail), House of the Faun, Pompeii

Like so many Alexanders

Few historical figures have left such a lasting impression on such a variety of cultures as Alexander the Great.

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