Tobias Jones

ball game italy

Bat-and-ball-games — an Italian obsession

Italy today is synonymous with football, but it wasn’t always so — historically, a great variety of bat-and-ball games enjoyed huge success throughout the peninsula — and created famous champions in the process.

Italian writer Beppe Fenoglio

Beppe Fenoglio: A Complex Centenary

The Italian writer came into his own during the Second World War– but his ideas about the English-speaking world don’t necessarily connect to Western realities – or audiences – today.

italian schoolchildren

Learning in Italy

The patrician nature of Italian education takes students on a one-way journey of factual regurgitation – but sometimes cracks in the system let a little light in.

Engraving depicting Leonardo da Vinci's Archimedean screw helicopter. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was an Italian polymath, artist and inventor. Dated 15th Century.

Italy: Mother of all invention

The country loves to laud its inventors, veracity aside. History, after all, isn’t the past, it’s what we say the past was.

A Lebanese protester chants wearing a mask from Spanish crime show 'The Heist'.

Goodbye, Bella Ciao

Bella Ciao has been co-opted by activists and corporations the world over. Does Italy’s most famous protest song deserve a beautiful goodbye?

The secret life of hemp

What connects a cannabis plant with the French Revolution? The little Italian town of Carmagnola – where the manufacture of cannabis hemp became local myth and an international phenomenon.

The lost art of listening

It is a commonplace saying that we must listen more. But in our noisy world it takes a lot of skill and energy.

City-states are back

With globalism disrupted by Covid, cities offer a tried and tested way of binding people together.

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