before the holocaust

The road to Auschwitz

Review: A scrupulous examination of the lack of resistance among the German establishment to the Nazi rise to power in the early 1930s posits that, without their acquiescence, history may have taken a different turn.

kissinger and nixon

The Middle East: Kissinger’s masterpiece?

Review: Veteran diplomat, Martin Indyk charts the twists and turns of Henry Kissinger’s missions to the Middle East. Although ever a pragmatist, and often a showman, Kissinger was equally a true sentimentalist.

Eric Ravilious countryside

What is England really made of?

Review: Jason Cowley’s evocative and compelling account of twenty-first century England, Englishness, and English identity is both a nuanced personal story and a skillful study of the state of the nation.


The shifting fortunes of IS-Khorasan

Review: Antonio Giustozzi examines in meticulous detail the founding and expansion of the Islamic State Khorasan Province. The story is a complex one of competing visions and political rivalry.

war mick ryan

The future of war: embrace the new, remember the old

Review: There’s no template for modern warfare, but Mick Ryan combines both his professional experience and his extensive historical knowledge to present us with a vision of human unity over technology and argues the case for rapid agility and adaptation in wartime.

landscape bede griffiths

Great Books: The Golden String by Bede Griffiths

Disillusioned by the conventional Christianity of the early twentieth century, but undergoing a profoundly awe-inspiring spiritual experience, Bede Griffiths’ ability to breathe fresh life into religion for many readers helped him to become an influential figure.

sis mi6 intelligence

The secrets of the special relationship

Review: Michael Smith comprehensively details Britain and the US’s intelligence partnership. While political shifts and rivalries may cause tremors in trust, the partnership has withstood the changes of the ever-evolving geopolitical landscape.

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