italian futurism

Against pasta: remembering The Manifesto of Futurist Cooking

Although tainted by the history of Fascism, the Manifesto and La cucina futurista deserve to be remembered as a brave, bizarre and fascinating attempt to aestheticise gastronomy – even if the ‘abolition of pasta’ was always doomed to fail.

lviv orchestra

The miracle of refugee musicians

Countless musicians have been uprooted by war or persecution — to the benefit of conservatoires, orchestras and concert halls around the world. A newly formed Ukrainian refugee orchestra is set to follow in their footsteps.

winter war

Sweden and Finland forced into the NATO fold by Russia

Finland and Sweden are all but certain to seek NATO membership in the coming months. This is unlikely to be a straight forward process. Public opinion and recent history will dictate what kind of NATO members they will become.

notre dame france rebuilt

Macron’s France is remaking itself again

The French Republic had to be built but then it had to be preserved. Its very attempts to conserve itself in the face of constant instability however, is what creates the tension and magic of France.

ellipsis in praise of

In praise of the ellipsis

Style guides and standardisation have beaten out any creativity in punctuation. The near eradication of the multi-purposed ellipsis has been one of its greatest losses.

Spyros Vassiliou greek modernist

Who are the modern Greeks?

For the west, Greece is classical Greece, the birthplace of western culture, thought, and democracy, while for the Slavic-speaking world it is a brother-nation of the Orthodox church, a common inheritance stretching across eastern Europe.

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