Waugh’s war

Evelyn Waugh’s humour is sparkling and amusing, but with its anti-authority jibes and social commentary it is more than just a light laugh.

Essaying a genre

The classical essay – with all its ease, polished prose, and trivial subjects – is a medium we would do well to re-capture.

That was once upon a time

The folkloric atmosphere suggested by a title like Once Upon a Time in Iraq a landmark documentary on the long catastrophe of Saddam’s atrocities, the US-led

Milton vs the echo chamber

Milton would have been very active on Twitter. In 1644 – at the height of the English Civil War – he wrote Areopagitica: a polemic prose treatise

The Ettrick Shepherd stands watch

In my childhood home in Edinburgh, I remember a portrait hanging in the dining room of a dour looking man swathed in a tartan plaid

First orders please

On Saturday, pubs re-opened in England. It was a day politicians had dubbed ‘super Saturday’, although much of the press hailed it ‘sardine Saturday’. A

Crowded out

If, as Tom Holland wrote last week for Engelsberg Ideas, the spectre of the empty metropolis haunts civilisation, then our empty cities are also haunted

Any old way you use it

What do Dolly Parton, U2, and Woodie Guthrie have in common? Respectively, each artist has had a song used on the American Presidential campaign trail:

Did America lose the right stuff?

In the opening scenes of First Man, Neil Armstrong is piloting the X-15 in the early 1960s. He temporarily loses control of NASA’s hypersonic rocket

The limits of scientism

The mantra ‘following the science’ has become a commonplace of the coronavirus vocabulary. And indeed, social distancing represents a virtually unparalleled opportunity for scientists to

From Neolithic shafts to skyscrapers

Normally, in mid-June, the fields of Salisbury Plain are filled with pagans, druids, and tourists watching the dawn of the longest day of the year

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