EI Weekly

A series of audio essays featuring our writers.

Jesus Christ on the Cross with St. Mary and St John, painted by Albrecht Altdorfer, circa 1512.
A painting of the Dutch envoy Adriaan Pauw entering Münster around 1646 for the peace negotiations, painted by Gerard ter Borch. Credit: Wikipedia Commons/Stadtmuseum Münster
An American map of the West Coast of Africa from Sierra Leone to Cape Palmas, 'including the colony of Liberia'.
Print of ancient Carthage. Credit: Wiki Creative Commons
British Prime Minister Tony Blair greets an ethnic Albanian by holding up his hand in central Pristina, Yugoslavia during a one-day visit Saturday July 31, 1999. It was Blair's first visit to Kosovo since NATO's bombing campaign against Yugoslavia. (Photo by David Brauchli)
First World War Commanders looking at a battle plan. Painting by Francois Flameng (1856-1923), 1916. Army Museum, Paris.
This chart is taken from the book 'Ars Magna Lucis Et Umbrae' which was published in 1646 by the Jesuit scientist and inventor, Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680).
French painter David's The Death of Socrates.
Mongol legend Genghis Khan in combat