indian dependence on russian military exports

How the West can drive a wedge between India and Russia

Helping India remove itself from its structural dependency on Russia is a delicate task. Decoupling must ultimately progress along two paths: providing an alternative to the deep technical cooperation India has developed with Moscow and assuring the breadth of supply necessary to meet the demands of India’s defence plan.

britain trading tea

Globalisation — lessons from George Canning on how to remake trade

The current reaction against free trade is a result of a blind faith in the market, but retreat into economic isolation is not a solution either. The policies of George Canning, a nineteenth century British Foreign Secretary, can offer a useful lesson in the values of following the middle way.

great man theory churchill

The importance of the individual in history

Throughout the ages, oracles, journalists and political scientists have attempted to guess the course fate may take. But should they fail to take the specifics, particularly specific individuals, into account, they are doomed to fail.


Thucydides was a Realist

Realism at its core is the capacity to look at the world without euphemism. In that spirit, Thucydides is a tonic to wishful thinking.

energy policy

Why do politicians get energy policy wrong?

There are three principal and often conflicting aims when it comes to energy policy: reducing carbon emissions, consumer protection and the security of supply. When the politics of the day dictates that the system must be tweaked to favour one, it often backfires.

American power and the end of the end of history

The end of history ends

The era in world history that began with the fall of the Soviet Union is drawing to its close. The post-Cold War Eurasian settlement that the United States and its allies imposed after 1990 has three big challengers – Russia, China and Iran.

rethinking geopolitics

Rethinking geopolitics

Geography and politics are closely intertwined, although that no more means that all geography is political than that all politics is geographical.

ukraine stockholm

Four steps to surviving the Russia crisis

The atrocities committed against Ukrainians and the fear of further invasions is leading many to call for drastic action to contain Russia. However, should the West put its foot on the first rung of the escalation ladder, it must be willing to climb it.

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