Sweden’s swinging sixties

1968 was a radical moment in Sweden’s post-war history; to deride it as a failed revolution is to miss much of its influence.

The human need for war

Like literature, history, and religion, war is a ‘cultural enhancer’ – and its modern manifestation in video games continues to shape society.

The many meanings of culture

‘Multiculturalism’ has become a buzzword for our times, but more lies beneath this ideal of harmonious coexistence.

Anime comics, Japan

How manga shapes Japanese identity

Manga has become something of a global phenomenon, but every iteration and comic-strip has its origins in a particularly Japanese visual culture.

Blavatsky and Olcott

The birth of theosophy

The origins of theosophy, a movement that would have an enormous influence over artists and scientists alike, can be found in late 19th century New York.

Why Jihadists write poetry

Al-Qaeda’s success in Yemen can be explained by the group’s adept use of poetry as propaganda.

The gods in love

The Hindu tradition of Radha and Krishna calls us to see passion as the kernel of all religion.

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