New Turkey’s old politics

As a result of President Erdogan’s embrace of two interlinked geopolitical concepts, ‘Strategic Depth’ and ‘Blue Homeland’, Turkey faces international isolation.

Inventing the Samurai

The creation of samurai identity involved all classes of Japanese society, but the warriors were as much objects of mockery as reverence.

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The restless search for the fun wars

The West, more specifically the United States, with its major allies alongside it, has been chasing the ‘fun wars’ for 40 years and serially coming up empty.

Sweden’s swinging sixties

1968 was a radical moment in Sweden’s post-war history; to deride it as a failed revolution is to miss much of its influence.

The human need for war

Like literature, history, and religion, war is a ‘cultural enhancer’ – and its modern manifestation in video games continues to shape society.

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