History Lessons

Hosted by Mattias Hessérus – features interviews with leading historians and authors.

Image: The Bank of England during the UK's second COVID lockdown. Credit: Jeff Gilbert / Alamy Stock Photo.
Depiction of a conflict between two Native American tribes in 1562. Drawing by Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues (1533-1588).
Painting of King George III of England, (1738-1820), seated on the throne in full regalia. Undated illustration. Credit: Bettmann/Contributor.
German soldiers following a tank to Moscow in 1941 during Operation Barbarossa. Credit: Art Media / Print Collector / Getty Images.
An illustration of the 'adventuress' Elizabeth Chudleigh, 1760. Credit: Hulton Archive / Getty Images.
An American soldier passes the ruins of a temple in Hue, Vietnam, 1968. Credit: Bettmann Archive / Getty Images.
Robert Maxwell, left, celebrating the first edition of 'The European' in 1990 with Maurice Levy of Publicis. Credit: Michel Turpin / Sygma via Getty Images.